Photo by Marlo Louden Photography

Amy began her professional art career in 2012. Determined to create a life around her passion, she began exhibiting in various galleries. Her work is influenced by the beauty of nature, the female form, and and traditional ornamental elements.​

In July of 2015 she found what would become her artistic calling, embellishing art on skin, tattoos. 

Amy completed her apprenticeship in March 2016 and has been striving to create unique artwork for her clients since. Bringing forth creative expression of self, Amy seeks to bring unity to the body and mind. Connecting her clients with meaningful art, bringing about a sense of completion and renewal.

Her passion is to create large scale body art.


March 22nd - 24th


May 15th - 17th


August 21st- 23rd

Conventions and Travel





I love painting on these wooden panels.

Fine Art

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