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Books are Closed!!

Thank you for your interest in Amy's work! Amy 's books are now closed and will reopen on July 1st. If you would like to be notified when she is accepting new clients please join the notification for July 1st.

Hourly rate $200, minimum $400. 


How Scheduling Works:

Books Open for 48 Hours!

Amy accepts new clients every 3-4 months. She will accept inquires for 48 hours so have your ideas ready! 

Fill Out Inquiry Form

An inquiry form will become available on the Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery website. This is when you send your ideas to be considered!

Wait for


Amy will personally review each inquiry and choose which ones best suit her artistic style. If chosen you will be emailed within 2 weeks.

Make Deposit and Schedule


A $100 deposit is made and you will be given a link to schedule an appointment through our system. 

Subjects that take priority:


Anime/ Kawaii



illustrative cat tattoo

Pet Portraits



Stay Up to Date

Join our email list to get notified when my books open, my convention appearances, events, and more.

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