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How to Book an Appointment

Hey all! I always get Facebook messages and Instagram DMs asking how to book an appointment. I want to make that tattoo process as easy as possible. I know the whole tattoo process is pretty intimidating but it's easier than you think!

How to Book:

Start by visiting my booking page

If you would like an in person consultation please book your consultation immediately with the "Book Now" button. If you're looking to discuss your tattoo prior to an in person consultation or looking to discuss your idea via email please complete the "Appointment Request Form."

Please don't stress too much about the specifics! I will be drawing a custom tattoo for you, so there is not need to "have a design." A general idea is really all you need. Reference images are always welcome.

Email Consultations:

If you submitted an "Appointment Request From" I will reach out to you regarding your tattoo, please give me up to one week to respond. Keep in mind I am a one woman show, and emails can be difficult to keep up at times. If over one week has passed, please feel free to email me directly at

We will collaborate our ideas together to create the perfect tattoo!

Once the concept has been established, I'll provide a rough estimate of price, send an invoice for a $100 deposit, and the appointment will be scheduled! Please keep in mind I book about two months in advance.

In Person Consultations:

Once your consultation is schedule I will confirm the appointment and you're ready to go! You'll meet with me at my studio and we'll discuss all the details. I'll draw a quick (probably really ugly sketch) with you to work out the general flow and shape of the tattoo. We will also schedule your appointment and make a deposit.

Tattoo Design:

Typically I will provide a sketch to you the morning of your appointment and have a completed drawing ready for you at the studio. Changed can be made if needed. See my drawing process here.

***Tattoo designs and sketches can not be provided any sooner than the morning of the appointment. I have a very strict drawing schedule. Sorry!

And that's about it! You're on you're way to a new beautiful piece of art!

I have additional information regarding my tattoo process in my FAQ! Please feel free to visit the page.

Much love! -Amy

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