Artist Statement:

The art of tattoo yields healing and exploration of self expression. This is the tool I utilize to give a sense of completion to my clients. Tattooing since August 2015 I’ve taken great strides to continue to improve and push my craft.

I thrive on experimenting with different mediums, texture, techniques and styles, the art world is too vast to limit one's self. I work deliberately and organically, consciously employing both conventional and innovative techniques and styles, my unconscious essence is the sole root of my creation. 

With each passing year my appreciation and desire for an art driven existence grows. Shaping, shifting, evolving; my art is the physical manifestation of my very own world. The closer I become entwined with my creation the more I discover of my self.

Through visual mediums I explore the sense of one bound by hardships, breaking free and release, discovering an inner meaningful existence, viewing from the inside out and outside in, what I seek to create is raw representation of self.

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