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About Me

I've developed a deep love and appreciation for my craft. Being grated the opportunities to connect my clients with art that can help them reclaim their body, express themselves and heal has been a dream. I consider myself fortunate I can meet so many wonderful folks from all walks of life. 

Over time I have developed my craft and niched my style that best expressions my passion for art and my interests. I specialize in anime, kawaii, botanical, and cat portrait tattoos.

I love working with women, BIPOC, and individuals from the LGBTQ communities.

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My Story

My tattoo journey began in fall of 2015 with an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the best education through my apprenticeship but I was determined on my path. I continued honing my skill through attending seminars, self education, and working alongside other talented artist.

I've been able to travel throughout my artistic pursuits which allowed me to grow substantially as an artist. Connecting with other female studio owners and exhibiting at conventions has been extremely influential

Throughout my career, I noticed there are a lot of "traditional" elements of the tattoo industry that didn't align with my ethics. I sought to find a way to be myself and provide the best possible experience for my clients. A majority of my clientele I service are women and individuals of the LGBTQ community but I work with all people of all walks of life. I wanted to break the mold of the "industry standard".

Tattooing had lead me to an unexpected path of business ownership. I opened a private studio in 2020 called Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery. Through lots of hard work I expanded Alchemy in 2022 and relocated to Elgin, IL to house 4 artists and welcomes traveling guest artists from across the nation. I couldn't be more grateful for a place to call home.

I'm lucky to work alongside talented artists that continuously inspire me. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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